UX Designer Jonathan Courtney

Jonathan Courtney
UX Designer

About Me:

Hey! My name is Jonathan Courtney, a UX Designer living in Berlin. I have 7 years of experience and help SME, Fortune 500s and Startups to build complex digital products that their users love.

So what do I do? Well for one, I don't just make things look pretty: I am involved in almost every step of the product cycle, from Hosting UX Workshops, Ideation/Concept Workshops, Creating User Flows, Building Rapid Prototypes, Hosting User Testing Session and Overseeing Screen Design.

Want to chat about a UX project? Get in touch and i'll set up a meeting asap.

UX Designer Jonathan Courtney

Recent Clients:

UEFA (UX Consultation, UX Concept), Zalando (UX Concept, User Testing), Deutsche Telekom (UX Consultation, Prototyping), Maxdome (UX Consultation, Prototyping, UX Strategy), eBay (Concept Creation), Wimdu (Conversion Optimisation, UX Consultation), Monoqi, Rocket Internet, Ministry for the Environment Germany + many more.

Recent Publications:

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  • UX Messiah - "Priorities are at the core of great product design"
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  • User Experience Designer Jonathan Courtney

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